Wiley is a signatory to the STM permissions guidelines, which encourage the granting of permission by one STM signatory publisher to another for republication of content in a new publication.

This includes free of charge permission to re-use:
  • Up to 3 figures or tables from a journal article or book chapter
  • Not more than 5 figures from a journal issue or complete book
  • Not more than 6 figures from an entire journal volume
  • In total not more than 30 figures from Wiley publications for re-publication in a book, including a multi-volume book, with different authors per chapter
  • Single text extracts of less than 400 words
  • Not more than 800 words from a whole book or journal issue

Further information on the STM Guidelines, including details of excluded content, can be found here.

Wiley’s Rightslink® transactional permissions service enables STM Signatory publishers  to quickly download a permissions license free of charge within the terms of the STM Guidelines.

Requests outside of the STM permissions guidelines can also be licensed and purchased via RightsLink®.

If your requested content is not available via RightsLink® please email: